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April 18th, 25th May 2nd, 9th
4 weeks, six hours per session (Thursdays 9am - 4.30pm)

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In person at CECAMM, Whippingham
Any industry

Embark on a transformative journey in our intensive four-day course designed to elevate your project management skills to new heights. Whether you are just considering a career, have been set a brand-new challenge, or just starting your project management journey, this course is meticulously crafted to enhance your abilities in key areas.

Day 1: Project Selection Process

Dive into the art of project selection as we guide you through the process of researching and reviewing areas of interest. Learn to conduct a comprehensive literature review, evaluate project feasibility, and initiate a project logbook. Gain insights into estimating costs, identifying goals, and establishing roles and responsibilities. Collaborate with your tutor/supervisor and project group to make informed project decisions.

Day 2: Crafting Precise Project Specifications

Investigate the skills of developing and structuring project specifications. Explore various requirements such as costs, timescales, standards, ethics, and sustainability. Delve into business data and resource implications. Learn to create a solid foundation that ensures your project aligns with its intended objectives.

Day 3: Procedures and Project Planning Proficiency

Become adept at planning and monitoring methods, operating procedures, and risk analysis. Understand the importance of effective communication and collaborative working structures. Develop a comprehensive project plan with clear timescales, deliverables, milestones, and quality assurance systems. Monitor progress efficiently to ensure successful project implementation.

Day 4: Seamless Project Implementation and Evaluation

Put your knowledge into action by implementing projects within agreed procedures and specifications. Explore techniques for proper resource utilisation, solution generation, and progress monitoring. Learn the art of systematic recording of project outcomes to agreed standards. Dive into detailed evaluation techniques, critical analysis, and interpretation of project results. Gain insights into justifying project progress and outcomes against the original specification, and explore opportunities for further studies and developments.

By the end of this intensive course, you'll not only possess a comprehensive understanding of project management but also be equipped with practical skills to navigate every stage of a project successfully. Elevate your career and join us for a transformative learning experience. Enrol now and develop the skills of project management! University Centre Certified.