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2 hours per week every Thursday, 6pm - 8pm

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Who the course is for
This 8-week French beginners course is for people who have never studied French before and would like to get started. It might also be an ideal introduction to the language for people who plan to continue learning French in the future or for people who want to brush up their existing basic knowledge.
What you will learn
During this course you will be introduced to simple French sentence structures, so you could talk about your family, your interests, likes and dislikes and some other essential topics. You'll learn three main types of regular French verbs in the present tense and also some very important irregular verbs such as “être", “avoir”, “aller” and “faire” which you will be able to use in various conversational situations.
How you will learn
You'll participate in group work, listening and speaking activities and will have a lot of fun practising these skills.