Search & Governance Committee

All matters relating to the recruitment, selection, interview and recommending appointments to Corporation are delegated to The Search and Governance Committee.

Terms Of Reference

The Search and Governance Committee has a separate terms of reference which are reviewed regularly and approved by the Corporation.

The Search and Governance Committee will also review governor training and induction arrangements to ensure they are appropriate and effective.

Recruitment and Recommendations

In recruiting potential new members and recommending appointments to Corporation The Search and Governance Committee will have regards to :

  • The most recent determination of membership made by Corporation
  • The Instrument and Articles of Government of FE Corporations and the categories of membership, number of restrictions, and eligibility
  • Nolan Committee recommendations on Standards in Public Life, including transparency and openness of the search proccess, adopted by Corporation in 1996
  • Current and forthcoming vacancies, a skills audit of existing members, and the skills and experience required by The Corporation
  • Role and Person Specification, or similar, which set out the role and responsibilities of an FE governor and the generic skills required
  • The need for a recruitment strategy to draw on the wider business and local communities, including where appropriate local government, other educational institutions and not-for-profit organisations, to ensure that Corporation membership is responsive to to the community served by The Isle of Wight College
  • The need to have a balanced membership in terms of age, disability, ethnicity and gender, but not at the expense of the skills required by the Board. The overriding factor for Search and Governance Committee will remain the need to meet skills gaps.
  • A selection and interview process which is appropriate for the role and results in recommendations for appointment based on merit and understanding of the role and is based on sound HR practice.
  • The need to apply the same procedures to external co-optees for committees as well as to full members.
  • The need to review the performance and contribution to Corporation of members seeking re-appointment for a second term of office.
  • Corporation’s agreement to adopt the Nolan recommendation that members will usually serve a maximum of two terms of 4 years, with individual exceptions and extensions being considered on merit.

Further Information

For further information about Corporation please contact Brian Bowker, Clerk to Corporation:

Brian Bowker
Clerk to Corporation
The Isle of Wight College
Medina Way
Isle of Wight
PO30 5TA

01983 526631

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