Isle of Wight College Restaurant

Come and join us for lunch or dinner at your leisure. Our students will be happy to cook and serve you a fantastic meal in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere.

"What you are getting at the Isle of Wight College is a quality of food and service significantly better than many dining venues across the Island" - Matt and Cat, Isle of Wight Eating Out Guide
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Hair Treatments

Our Hair Salons offer treatments to students and the general public.

We operate in a learning and training environment, and therefore your hairstyling appointment will take longer than in a commercial salon. This is reflected in our price structure.

Please allow plenty of me when you visit our salons, as our students need me to develop their skills and practical ability.

Tutors are present at all sessions, but towards completion, students are able to make their own decisions.

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Beauty Treatments

Our Beauty and Holistic Therapy Salons offer treatments to students and the general public

May we take this opportunity to remind you that, although we operate on a commercial basis, as part of The College we are a training establishment and your therapist is a trainee. This is reflected in our prices and in the length of treatment time.

Please be patient with your therapists, they are under tuition and are offering you a professional service to the best of their ability.

Please also allow time for a thorough consultation prior to your treatment.

Beauty treatements public min

The College Gym

Thousands of pounds have recently been invested into our college gym facilities, with state of the art equipment, an air conditioned environment and it is fully supervised at all times. It also includes specialist equipment for accessibility to wheelchair users.

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Hydrotherapy Pool

Our hydrotherapy pool has been specifically designed for the use of people with severe and multiple disabilities and for other therapeutic purposes.

We ask that before booking all customers visit our facilities to ensure that it is suitable for their use.

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