You will have the opportunity to participate in a tutorial on an industry-based software, which will provide you with a basic introduction into three-dimensional modelling, and it's transfer onto a technical engineering drawing.

To book this or any other CECAMM taster, please email and include your chosen subject and time in the subject. Please provide your name, email address and anyone who may be accompanying you.

Attending an engineering taster can offer a range of benefits, including:

  1. Exposure to Engineering: Can provide an opportunity to learn about the field and its various disciplines. It can help in understanding what engineers do and how they contribute to solving complex problems.
  2. Hands-on Experience: Engineering taster sessions typically involve hands-on experience in various engineering disciplines. This can help in developing practical skills and providing a better understanding of engineering concepts.
  3. Networking: Attending an engineering taster can also provide an opportunity to connect with professionals in the field. This can help in building a professional network, which can be useful in future career opportunities.
  4. Decision Making: An engineering taster can help in making informed decisions about future career choices. By attending, you can get a better understanding of what engineering entails, which can help in determining if it is the right path for you.
  5. Confidence: Attending an engineering taster can also help in building confidence. Through hands-on activities, you can develop a sense of accomplishment and gain confidence in your ability to solve problems.

Overall, attending an engineering taster can provide valuable insight into the field of engineering and help in making informed decisions about future education and career choices.

The CECAMM Centre
The Island Technology Park, Whippingham Road, East Cowes