Study Type
Full Time
Study Level
Level 3
Start Date:
1 year

Course Sheets

Entry requirements
Who the course is for

Any student interested in both forensic investigation and general sciences should consider applying for this course.

The course also contains a considerable amount of high-level science which is then applied to various forensic topics. Students on the course will be acquiring higher level knowledge in biology, chemistry, and physics and will also need to be able to study Maths at Level 3.

What the interview will involve
The interview is a two-way process where you will be discussing the course and suitability with the subject tutor. You should also research your preferred career paths and university course choices so that you can be given appropriate guidance.
What you will learn

First Year:

Six units will be covered in the first year on this qualification.

  • Unit 1: Principles and Applications of Science 1
  • Unit 2: Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques
  • Unit 3: Science Investigation Skills
  • Unit 4: Forensic Investigation Procedures in Practice

Units 1-4 are the essential units that cover the scientific knowledge and practical skills used in forensic science to understand and analyse the evidence collected.

There will be 2 further optional units to cover specific topics in Forensic Investigation in detail. These units are subject to change.

Second Year

Seven units will be covered in the second year on this qualification.

  • Unit 5: Application of Criminology
  • Unit 6: Criminal Investigation Procedures in Practice
  • Unit 7: Applications of Criminal and Forensic Psychology

Unit 5-7 are the compulsory units that will offer further understanding into the applications of forensic science knowledge and criminal investigations.

The remaining three units are optional units that are subject to change.


There may be a cost involved for purchasing equipment or uniform for your course.Find out about financial support available.

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