Study Type
Full Time
Study Level
Level 2
Start Date:
36 weeks

Course Sheets

Entry requirements

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Previous painting and decorating experience or successful completion of the Diploma Painting and Decorating Level 1 Programme.
Who the course is for
Painting and Decorating adds colour and interest to new architecture, and rejuvenates and modernises the old.
What you will learn
Theory and practical activities to cover 8 units. Health and Safety, Scaffolding, Preparation of surfaces, Application of paints, brush, roller and spray, Paper hanging to ceiling and walls, Decorative effects, rag rolling, stenciling, marbling, graining, Efficient working practices, Protecting/masking surfaces and storage of materials.
How you will learn
Painters and decorators use a wide range of paints, varnishes, wallpapers and other coverings to protect surfaces such as plaster, metal or wood, to produce an attractive finish. They work inside and outside buildings and structures such as houses, offices, shops, factories, hospitals, schools and boats. You will be assessed through Practical and Theory based assessments both in the classroom and workshop and Multi-choice examination paper. NOTE : The course includes one externally set examination to cover the units.
There are opportunities for painters and decorators all over the United Kingdom. Employers range from small businesses to large organisations. In large companies there may be opportunities for experienced painters and decorators to become team leaders or supervisors. Some experienced painters and decorators become self-employed and set up their own painting and decorating businesses.

There may be a cost for purchasing equipment or uniform for this course. Find out about financial support available.

Additional information
You will be required to wear PPE, including safety footwear and overalls. All practical painting and decorating tools and equipment will be provided.

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