Study Type
Full Time
Study Level
Level 2
Start Date:
36 weeks

Course Sheets

Entry requirements
Who the course is for
This course is for anyone looking to gain fundamental skills in engineering, both practically and theoretically. This course is for anyone who is looking to gain employment within an engineering business, gain an apprenticeship, or progress onto the level 3 T-level course.
What you will learn
  • EOK2/001 Engineering Environment Awareness  
  • EOK2/002 – Engineering Techniques  
  • EOK2/010 – Producing Components from Sheet Metal  
  • EOK2/018 – Fitting and Assembly techniques  
  • ?EOK2/044 – Additive Manufacture  

Engineering Pathways 

Within the level 2 course there are two different pathways that you can take to achieve the 7 units that make up the diploma. In line with the new T-level qualification, your optional units will be determined half way through the year based on your knowledge and overall career goals.

This pathway is best suited for students who aim to gain employment at an engineering business, be it through an apprenticeship or through a full time position. The units that you will be studying exclusively on the craft pathway are detailed below.

  • EOK2/008—Manual Welding Techniques 
  • EOK2/019 – Manual Turning Techniques 

Technical Pathway Units:

This pathway is best suited for students with a higher technical ability, and for those who wish to study T-levels or a higher level qualification further down the road. The bespoke units that are taught on the technical pathway are detailed below.  

  • EOK2/003—Engineering Maths and Science Principles 
  • EOK2/004 – Electrical& Electronic Principles
How you will learn

Learning will be delivered via lectures in the classroom and practical sessions in the workshop. Students will also take part in tutorials and E-Learning sessions, as well as independent study as required. We have outside speakers visit CECAMM to give special lectures on occasion to which all students will be invited. 

This course is an EAL course which comprises of both written and practical elements, and will have online based, computer exams throughout the year. The course is a year long, starting in September and finishing in July the following year. You should ensure that you have everything you need from the kit list to make the most of the course, and to ensure you get the best result possible when you finish. You should be prepared to learn, this course is not for the feint hearted. When you finish, you will be awarded a diploma in engineering operations at a level 2. This will increase your chances of employment, or your likelihood of securing an apprenticeship significantly.  Furthermore, this course sets you up perfectly for undertaking T-Levels the following year if you choose to do so.  

Work placement
Learners will be required to do a work experience placement of a minimum of 36 hours. If students are able to gain an industry placement, that is brilliant, but not essential at this level. Work experience on this programme is compulsory, you are to secure a minimum of 36 hours work experience with a local employer to give you an idea of what the engineering sector is all about. It is highly recommended that you source this yourself, otherwise you may be doing something that you aren't comfortable or familiar with. This should ideally be carried out in your time off, or on days you are not studying at CECAMM. This will ensure that your learning is not impacted negatively.
Successful completion of the Level 2 course can lead to further study at Level 3 on the T Level programme, or an apprenticeship.

There may be a cost for purchasing equipment or uniform for this course. Find out about financial support available.

Qualifications you will get
EAL Level 2 Diploma in Engineering Operations (Knowledge)
Additional information
This course is delivered over 3-4 days, with English and Maths timetabled at CECAMM for those who need to retake their GCSEs.

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