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4 days a week for 36 weeks

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Entry requirements

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To join this course you will need to have 5 GCSE's at grade 4 or above including English, Maths and Science, progressing students may require a minimum of Level 2 qualification in your chosen subject at Merit or above and English language, Maths and Science  at grade 4 or above.  We are firmly committed to finding the right course for you to ensure you can flourish. Talk to us if you have any concerns about the application process, we are here to help take you to the next level.

Who the course is for

Applied Criminology provides learners with an introduction to criminal justice and to give a context for humanities learning. An understanding of criminology is relevant to many job roles within the criminal justice sector, social and probation work and sociology and psychology. Applied Criminology will include elements of psychology  and sociology that complements studies in humanities. 

What you will learn

There are two mandatory units namely Changing Awareness of Crime (internally assessed) and Criminological Theories (externally assessed). Applied Science forms the foundation of the science sectors. The mandatory units will cover Principles and Applications of Science I (externally assessed) and Practical Scientific Procedures and Techniques (internally assessed). The mandatory content allows you to make judgements and reach conclusions by evaluating scientific information and making connections between different scientific concepts, procedures and processes. Applied Psychology is the scientific study of minds and behaviour. As such, it is a part of our everyday lives. An understanding of human behaviour is fundamental to many jobs in society and the study of psychology at degree level and beyond remains a very popular choice. There are two mandatory units namely Psychological Approaches and Applications (externally assessed) and Conducting Psychological Research (internally assessed). The mandatory content allows you to concentrate on the development of your knowledge and understanding of psychology, as well as the application of skills that are important in psychology.

How you will learn

In the Criminology Pathway program, your learning journey will unfold through a combination of coursework and exams over the two-year duration. 

  1. Combination of Coursework and Exams: You will accumulate credits throughout the program using a blend of coursework and examination assessments. This mix ensures a comprehensive learning experience that tests both your practical and theoretical understanding of the subjects.

  2. Variety of Assessment Types and Styles: The program employs a range of assessment types and styles, including internally and externally assessed units (exams). This approach allows you to demonstrate your knowledge and skills in different contexts and formats, ensuring a well-rounded assessment of your capabilities.

  3. Exam Opportunities: You will have the opportunity to sit for each exam series twice a year, in January and in the summer term. This gives you the flexibility to improve your performance and understanding of the course material over time.


Upon completing the Criminology Pathway , you'll have a wealth of opportunities for progression. You can continue your education by progressing to the second year of your chosen pathway, or consider further training or study in related fields such as an apprenticeship or employment. The program is designed to open doors to a wide range of job roles and sectors.

£50 for Trips and activities
Qualifications you will get

Upon completing the Criminology Pathway program, you will receive a Level 3 Criminology Pathway. This qualification is equivalent to three A-Levels and carries UCAS points, making it recognized by higher education providers as contributing to admission requirements for many courses. This pathway option is designed for learners wanting to continue their education through applied learning and is acknowledged for its value in both academic and professional realms.

Additional information

There are lots of opportunities available to you to progress across the Isle of Wight College and into the world beyond education. During your time with us you will have access to a dedicated careers and education adviser who will help you as you take the next steps towards achieving your goals

You may progress to the second year of your chosen pathway or consider further training or study in related fields such as an apprenticeship or employment. Potential job roles in criminology are wide ranging, including for example the National Probation Service, the Courts and Tribunals Service and the National Offender Management Service. 

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