Study Type
Full Time
Study Level
Level 2
Start Date:
To be confirmed

Course Sheets

Entry requirements
Who the course is for
Applicants aged 16 years and under 19 years of age at the commencement of the academic year; students who have not achieved the grade profile required to enable them to access level 3 study, such as A levels.
What the interview will involve
No interview necessary
What you will learn
You will study five GCSEs, of which English Language and mathematics will be mandatory for students who have achieved lower than a grade 4 in their prior attainment.
How you will learn
Classroom study with online resources
Work placement
Achieving Grade 4 and above for English and maths is essential to be allowed to progress to level 3 in most fields of study. By achieving a portfolio of five strong GCSE results, you should be able to access the level 3 programme of study that would facilitate your progression in your chosen field of study or work.

If you are taking a full-time course, you will be charged a Central Admin Fee of up to £40 at the start of your course. In addition to this there will be a cost involved for purchasing any essential equipment or uniform for your course; you may be eligible for financial support from the college Bursary team, please ask your tutor for more information.

Qualifications you will get

GCSEs – a full time student is required to select five from the following list of subjects:

  • English Language (mandatory unless you already have a grade 4 or above)
  • Mathematics (mandatory unless you already have a grade 4 or above)
  • Biology
  • Sociology
  • Business
  • Psychology
Additional information
You would expect to be in college for approximately 3 days per week, dependent upon timetabling.
Alternatively, email with the subject title of your chosen course, followed by ‘info’ to receive further information. i.e. ‘Science T Level info’.

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