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A Truly Global Industry, Its Rewards Are Great, And Its Career Paths Varied And Exciting

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The Travel Industry is a truly global industry. Its rewards are great, and its career paths varied and exciting. Just look at the range of careers you could pursue in this industry!

Click here for the latest course information from Lindsay Davies, Head of Travel & Tourism.

If you are a social person, and want to meet and work with people every day, then a career in the travel industry could be the career for you. Travel and Tourism is a most dynamic industry and the largest employment sector on the Isle of Wight – it is unique as it can offer early routes for career progression.

Taught by Tutors who have been there and done it!

Our exciting range of tourism courses have been carefully put together by a team which has extensive first-hand knowledge of the industry. With over 20 years of experience covering cruise ships to airlines, holiday reps to museums and passenger transport; the courses not only walk the walk but talk the talk of travel and tourism.

A career in the travel Industries provide opportunities for travel and although the hours will often be demanding the rewards can be very high.


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