Students of these courses can receive one-to-one support, specialist individual teaching and access to specialist equipment and supporting agencies.

Supported Internships

EHCP students who have a keen interest in work and to leave education, and have completed substantial work experience on either the Pathways or Insights course, can progress to Moving Up. Moving Up is a supported internship programme focussing on employability and based in the workplace and college.

Pathways Facilities

The new Pathways facility has been designed to provide the highest quality learning environment, including a hydrotherapy pool, accessible kitchens, classrooms specially designed for delivery of independent living, performance spaces and a ‘movement’ studio.

Support facilities such as changing rooms, toilets and eating locations will also be designed with the specific needs of these learners and their carers in mind.

Hydrotherapy Pool

Our hydrotherapy pool has been specifically designed for the use of people with severe and multiple disabilities and for other therapeutic purposes.

Accessible Kitchens

We have an adapted kitchen with low-level cooker, sink and work space and specialist catering equipment within the Pathways building.

Sensory Room

The Pathways building includes a purpose built sensory room.

Movement Studio