Painting and Decorating adds colour and interest to new architecture, and rejuvenates and modernises the old.

There are opportunities for painters and decorators all over the United Kingdom. Employers range from small businesses to large organisations. In large companies there may be opportunities for experienced painters and decorators to become team leaders or supervisors. Some experienced painters and decorators become self-employed and set up their own painting and decorating businesses.

Industry placement

Painters and decorators use a wide range of paints, varnishes, wallpapers and other coverings to protect surfaces such as plaster, metal or wood, to produce an attractive finish.

They work inside and outside buildings and structures such as:

  • residential properties
  • offices
  • shops
  • factories
  • hospitals
  • schools
  • boats
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Community Projects

All levels of our painting and decorating students take part in community projects which builds their confidence, helps our local businesses and charities and gives them valuable life and industry skills. We have recently been involved with projects at:

  • The Isle of Wight Zoo
  • Robin hill
  • The Yacht Club
  • Cowes Cricket Club
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Hello! My name is Callum and I Studied level 1 & 2 Painting and Decorating at the Isle of Wight College back in 2017 which I loved and miss. Since then, I've completed 3 courses in Slough to expand my skill set and have completed an entry level teaching course. This has helped me understand and train newbies to the brush and has allowed me to be involved with the students and teaching staff in the painting department.

I started my own business "CB Decor" as a sole trader for the first 2 years, and have now expanded to have an amazing team of four. I have built a great client base in the domestic and commercial industry, which has kept myself and all of my team busy.

I'd like to thank everybody at The Isle of Wight college for pushing me to achieve my Level 1 & 2 City & Guilds qualifications, and motivating me to be a decorator. Without you all I wouldn't be where I am today.

Callum 2