The "Moving Up" supported internship programme is specifically crafted to empower learners with special educational needs (SEN) by offering a structured pathway towards achieving sustainable employment. This initiative recognises the unique challenges that individuals with SEN might face in transitioning from education to the workforce and aims to bridge this gap by providing targeted support and practical experiences.

Key Features of the "Moving Up" Programme:

Tailored Support:

The programme acknowledges the diverse needs of learners with SEN and tailors its support to address individual challenges.

Personalised learning plans may be developed, outlining specific goals, accommodations, and strategies to maximise the potential for success.

Skill Development:

The primary goal is to equip learners with the necessary skills to thrive in a work environment.

Curriculum content is likely to be designed to enhance both general employability skills (such as communication, teamwork, and time management) and specific job-related skills.

Workplace Integration:

A distinctive feature of the programme is the emphasis on learning within an actual workplace. This hands-on experience is crucial for learners to familiarise themselves with real-world work settings.

The college serves as a hub for learning, but a significant portion of the programme is dedicated to supported time spent in a workplace. This exposure allows learners to apply their skills in authentic situations and build confidence in a professional setting.

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Inclusive Environment

Supported Time:

The concept of supported time outside the college indicates a commitment to facilitating practical, on-the-job learning experiences.

Learners are likely to receive guidance and assistance from mentors or job coaches who specialise in working with individuals with SEN during their time in the workplace.

Transition Focus:

The programme is designed as a transitionary phase, recognising that moving from an educational setting to the workforce requires careful planning and support.

Support services may extend beyond the programme duration to ensure a smooth transition into sustainable employment.

Inclusive Environment:

The college provides a supportive and inclusive environment where learners with SEN can thrive academically and socially.

Collaborative efforts between college staff, employers, and support professionals contribute to creating a holistic and accommodating learning experience.

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