Wood Occupations include traditional skills which still have a primary role in the modern world of architecture and construction.

Carpentry and joinery skills are always in demand and open up job opportunities across the globe.

Career progression

Carpenters and joiners work on building sites or in workshops, they make, fit or repair doors, windows, staircases, floorboards, roof trusses and partitions. They use traditional woodworking tools, as well as specialised power or hand tools.

Carpenters or joiners find work in different areas such as building maintenance and repair, adding fittings and extensions in existing houses and working for building contractors, local authorities and shop-fitting companies. Many carpenters are self-employed.

Experienced carpenters and joiners may be able to move into construction management, or set up their own specialist firm. There may be opportunities to work abroad on contracts.

Student chiseling wood