The Match Report – Buckswood School Vs Isle Of Wight College


By Connor Coburn

This week, the Isle of Wight College travelled to Eastbourne Borough FC’s football stadium to take on former league champions Buckswood School. The hosts have had many players excel through playing in this league, with many getting pro contracts along the way. This created an exciting challenge for the visitors who, in the first half, showed positive signs to rising up to this challenge.

The first half kicked off a little latter then expected, with the bad weather conditions both sides were eager to get on with the match once the referee had arrived. In a cold, windy affair, the first half started with both teams showing an early threat to one another. Many passes were skidding along the fantastic 4G facilities for the away side who were playing with the wind, this allowed the home side to hold possession a little easier, however neither side grabbed control of the game. This was up until the – minute when the home side created an overload, causing a slightly rash challenge to come in. The referee awarded a penalty, despite many thinking the ball was won, the challenge did not need to be made and gave the referee a decision to make. Whether this decision was right or not, nothing was going to change, the hosts converted the penalty straight down the middle of the goal and both sides headed back to the centre circle. After this goal, the home side took advantage of the slightly switched off away side who conceded two in quick concession.

At 3-0 the away side felt harshly done by, however continued to play the way they wanted to. This commitment got the away side a goal with a fantastic effort from Joseph Eastwood. After originally losing the ball in the final 3rd, Joe stuck a foot back in. The ball proceeded to fall to Connor Coburn, who played the line breaking pass, which allowed Joe to get enough space to turn with one touch and then strike the ball into the bottom left corner. The happiness of the goal however was taken away by the awful weather, which hailed down until the half time whistle.

Going into the break, the away side knew an uphill battle against the wind was up ahead. They also knew, they had goals to seek and time was against them.

The second half started with the wind picking up even more then previously, this resulted in the away side really struggling to progress up the pitch, with the opposition press closing out short passes. The second half was largely dominated by the home side, as the away side failed to create any decent chances. The home side added two goals to their 3-1 lead with an outside the box strike and a top corner dink going just past the gloves of Andrew Morey.

The Isle of Wight college can be proud of the display they put together within the first half. With limited training and good coaching, the college showed promising signs against a strong opposition. The college will build on this and look for a strong showing against Portsmouth College in their next outing.

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