At the end of January, The Isle of Wight College received unexpected news from the Department for Education, announcing the cancellation of the T Level in Hairdressing, Barbering, and Beauty for the next academic year (September 2024). The decision, a governmental directive, has taken the college by surprise - but learners should not to worry!

Despite this unforeseen setback, The Isle of Wight College wishes to assure all prospective and current students that their educational journey is of utmost importance. As part of ongoing building improvements, the college has taken significant strides in enhancing its facilities, thanks to recent T Level funding, and remains committed to providing quality education in the hair and beauty industry.

While the revised T Level course in Beauty is deferred until the next academic year (September 2025), The Isle of Wight College wants to emphasise that students who attended the open day last weekend or have already submitted applications need not worry about their progression. The college offers a diverse range of courses at various levels, all of which include practical work experience components. Existing and prospective learners will not experience any disadvantage due to this change, and the college is dedicated to supporting their aspirational goals and their desired career route will not be hampered because of this change.

The Isle of Wight College has recently completed new state-of-the-art facilities housed in the pink building on campus. These facilities include modern salon seats and mirrors, a well-equipped washing station, and dedicated barbering chairs. The college is excited to offer these cutting-edge amenities to students in the upcoming academic year.

Furthermore, in response to evolving industry needs, The Isle of Wight College is actively developing a Level 4 course, which is anticipated to be introduced in the next academic year. This initiative aims to provide students with an even more comprehensive and advanced education in the field of beauty, hairdressing, and barbering.

The Isle of Wight College remains dedicated to its mission of providing high-quality education and preparing students for successful careers in the hair and beauty industry. Despite the challenges posed by the cancellation of the T Level for this academic year, the college is confident in its ability to adapt and continue providing outstanding educational opportunities.

It seems apparent that the Hair, Barbering and Beauty T Level may now be run with a sole focus on the Beauty industry, again the college are keeping up to date on this and will inform prospective students and parents/carers of any significant changes.

A date for the official opening of the new salons is set to be announced in the next few weeks, when the date is finalised you can visit the Isle of Wight College’s website and click What’s On to find out more.