Silver Doe Awards For Pathways Learners


The Isle of Wight College have today been so proud to present four young people from our Pathways department with their Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. This is an astonishing achievement for any young person, but never more so than in the uncertainty of the last 18 months.

The personal and non-competitive nature of a DOE programme means that participants from different and diverse starting points can be equally proud of achieving a certificate based on their personal challenge and history.

Terry Gaskin, Head of Duke of Edinburgh, Isle of Wight College

Receiving their Awards today were:

  • Christopher Jolly – Silver Award
  • Andrew Barton – Silver Award
  • Luke Roe – Silver Award
  • Kye Watson – Silver Award

It was fantastic to be able to welcome the learner’s family onto the campus today and amazing to discover what an impact the DOE has had on their lives since taking part.

Christopher Jolly and Andrew Barton have already said they will definitely be moving onto undertaking the Gold Award and using his text-to-speech device, Christopher told us that his journey with Duke of Edinburgh through the Isle of Wight College had ‘been amazing’ and Andrew said he enjoyed the cooking element of the expedition the most.

Luke told us that he enjoyed all of it, especially the expedition which was a theme with all of our learners, as Kye also said that although it was tiring but it was the best part of the experience. Kye explained how they worked hard to build camps, pitch tents, build fires and cook their own food including toast, pasta with a sauce and hot cross buns.

Christopher Jolly’s mother was keen to communicate that the college team had been amazing in supporting Christopher, saying that ‘he always comes home smiling’, which is a testament to the DOE and Pathways teams, Terry Gaskin and Ben Johnson.

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