Level 3 Uniformed Public Services students recently took part in a Crime Scene Investigation day run by Hayley Scott from the Forensic Experience. The experience was aimed at providing the students with an insight into the job role and requirements of a crime scene investigator, as well as giving them a chance to participate in a simulated crime scene investigation.

Throughout the day, the students were introduced to a range of fascinating topics related to crime scene investigation. One of the key things they learnt was that fingerprints are formed in the womb, created by pressure of the amniotic fluid. They also discovered that fingerprints are unique to each individual, and that they can be used as a valuable form of evidence in criminal investigations. The students even had the opportunity to take their own fingerprints and lift their own finger marks as part of the practical activities.

Hayley Scott also discussed important principles such as Locards exchange principles, which states that every contact leaves a trace, as well as associative evidence which links people to the place of a crime. The students were also introduced to the concept of control samples, known substances used for comparison purposes, and the types of physical and non-physical evidence that can be used to support a criminal investigation. They also learnt about the importance of recording and preserving evidence, as well as why and when a crime scene is investigated.

In the afternoon, a simulated crime scene was set up where the students were able to apply their newly acquired knowledge and demonstrate their skills in dealing with evidence. Each student had an active role in preparing evidence and producing a crime scene report, which helped them to better understand the complexities of a real-life investigation.

Overall, the Level 3 Uniformed Public Services students had an amazing experience learning about the job role and all the requirements of a crime scene investigator. They were impressed by Hayley Scott's excellent knowledge and teaching and would like to extend their gratitude to the Forensic Experience for providing such a valuable opportunity. This experience is sure to have a lasting impact on the students as they move forward in their academic and professional careers.