Students joining sport and fitness courses and those who decide to make use of the College Gym will soon see some big changes in equipment thanks to a pending delivery from Johnson Fitness.

On order for delivery and installation in the coming months are:

Matrix Fitness Cardio equipment:

  • X1 Climbmill (stairmaster)
  • X2 Treadmill
  • X2 Upright Bike
  • X2 Recumbent Bike
  • X2 Elliptical (cross trainer)

Matrix Fitness strength equipment:

  • X1 Plate loaded glute trainer
  • X1 Versa Abductor/Adductor

Concept equipment:

  • X2 Concept 2 Bike ERG
  • X1 Concept 2 Ski ERG

Assault equipment:

  • X1 Assault Air Bike
Our sport and fitness team can't wait to offer inductions for all the new equipment and would like to encourage all new and existing students and staff members to pop into the gym to ensure their membership is registered ready for its arrival!

We'll update you once the equipment has been installed...

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