Students Win Public Uniformed Services Challenge

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For the second time students from The Isle of  Wight College have won the coveted Public Uniformed Services Challenge.

Competing against 7 other colleges from the South of England, the fourteen Isle of Wight College students on Public Services courses were overall winners of the set tasks:

  • Observations:Shown a selection of small objects for 45 second then had a practical task to complete, then had to recall the objects.
  • Foden Grab:Using a JCB with claw had to lift an object from one drum and drop it another then lift it out again against the clock.
  • Paintball:Following the Army Instructors students had to crawl through a tunnel and shoot metal targets and crawl back.
  • GoKarts: When given all the components of a Go Kart the students had to assemble the complete vehicle and race it round the track.
  • Shelter: Had to construct a waterproof shelter using scavenged materials.
  • Signals:Dressed in camouflage and taken to the bush where they had to observe the area where ‘terrorists’ were, communicate back to base how to ascertain the correct vicinity.
  • Assault Course:Race to complete the course first.

Terry Gaskin, Course Co-ordinator congratulated the team on winning the PUSC Shield  as this contest is considered a major challenge, and said “Public Services courses are for those looking to join the armed forces and public uniformed services (Fire Service, Paramedics, Prison Service etc). Communication skills and personal fitness are of paramount importance for students looking for careers in these areas – against tough opposition our students have proved they are the best in the region. These students have worked hard all year and I congratulate them on their achievement”.

Picture shows: Back row left to right: Terry Gaskin, Clare Powell, Tom Clarke, Ashley Pragnell, Gary Hughes, Matt Rawlinson, Simon Blow, Emma Powell, Chris Harrison, Debbie Lavin (Principal)

Front row left to right: Chelsea Ward, Simon Bell, Hayley Blundell, Chris White (Team Captain), Katie Dyke, Lauren Hamilton.

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