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Come along to our Science and Technology Fun Day at our new STEM Centre and join in with these amazing and fun activities. (Saturday 27 June, 10am – 2pm) and join in amazing and fun activities for all the family, FREE ENTRY and everyone is welcome!

Activities & Exhibitions

Bloodhound SSC Full Size Interactive Model

Explore the Bloodhound SSC (@BLOODHOUND_SSC) vehicle which is hoping to break the Land Speed Record in September 2015 by travelling at speeds of up to 800mph! Play on the Bloodhound SSC Driving simulator which puts you in the driving seat to experience what it’s like to drive at 1000mph!

The Machines

See our STEM machines in action. 3D Printers, CNC Machinery, Lathes and more will be available all day to help you understand how they work and how they help us in Engineering.


Build and control your own robots with Lego Mindstorm!


Witness teddy bears being blown high into the sky through the power of science!

Jet Pulse Engine

It’s going to be LOUD! Youtube stars Wonderstruck (@wonderstruckwow) demonstrate their very own jet engine.

Computer Aided Design

Computer Aided Design is used to create detailed drawings and complex parts that produce a lifelike model of the item that you wish to make. It is faster than the traditional hand drawn method, can be easily modified and can be used for a variety of applications from electronics to buildings.


In the event of disasters, planes are used to drop emergency aid straight in to the heart of the area, whether that is towns, cities or remote villages. We would like small groups of two or three to design an effective way of getting that aid to the people without the package exploding on landing!


Magnets can be used for a variety of reasons such as keeping your fridge closed and in speakers to turn your electrical energy into sound energy. We will look at some of these uses and apply some theory into creating a simple motor that will be turned with the use of a magnet.


Witness mind-boggling experiments with our Isle of Wight College science team, including:

  • Howling jelly babies
  • Ethanol and hydrogen rockets
  • Exploding custard
  • Hot ICE
  • Volcanic reactions

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