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Platform One College of Music is once again celebrating outstanding results, this time with students completing a Masters in Music Industry Innovation & Enterprise.

The Master’s degree, which is designed and written by Platform One, is validated by the highly respected University of Chichester.  Platform One has worked in partnership with the University of Chichester for the last sixteen years. It is also testament to Platform One that this is the only Masters programme to run on the Isle of Wight ever.

The University of Chichester is proud to work in partnership with Platform One. We have a shared commitment to, and proven track record in, delivering high quality education in a friendly and supportive community of learning that inspires and enables our students to exceed their expectations.

The MA Music Industry Innovation and Enterprise programme is the latest expression of our long standing and successful partnership: a postgraduate degree that prepares those taking it to make an effective and transformative contribution to this vital area of the arts and to the national economy.

Dr. Mark Mason Pro Vice-Chancellor, University of Chichester

The MA students totally embraced lockdown producing incredible results.

The Masters programme is our Level 7, flagship course designed to interface directly with the modern music industry.  The students worked relentlessly to adapt to a new and innovative way of working. 

They were totally ready and able to adapt and, in fact, illustrated how the future of the music industry will work.  We are so proud of all of these students and we look forward to attending their graduation in the new year to celebrate their successes.

David Pontin, Director at Platform One

The Masters programme once again illustrates the true potential of the Isle of Wight as somewhere incredible to study higher education.  It also proves that you do not need the expense of leaving the Island in order to gain highly respected and credible post-graduate qualification.

Platform One is still offering auditions for all programmes starting in late September.

For more information, please do not hesitate to get in touch with Platform One directly:

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