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Mr Nick Glover from South East Region Duke of Edinburgh award presented Roland White (Assistant Principal) with official recognition that The Isle of Wight College is now a Direct Licensing Centre (DLC) for the Duke of Edinburgh Award scheme (DofE).

This means the college now can register its own learners for the DoE Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards and help them set up everything they need for the different sections of their award. This will include helping and supporting them with volunteering, physicals and the skills needed to achieve their DofE awards

A Duke of Edinburgh Award programme is a voluntary, non-competitive programme of activities for those aged 14 – 24. Doing their DofE gives young people the opportunity to experience new activities and develop new and existing skills. There are three progressive levels of programmes which, when successfully completed, lead to Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards. Young people create their own DofE programme by choosing a volunteering, physical and skills activity, going on an expedition and, for the Gold only, taking part in a residential activity. A Duke of Edinburgh Award is great to enhance a CV and help learners to gain confidence, plus leadership and communication skills.

Award Value

The value of a DofE Award to a young person cannot be underestimated. The personal and non-competitive nature of a DofE programme means that participants from different and diverse starting points can be equally proud of achieving a certificate based on their personal challenge and journey.

The DofE Award is achievable by any young person who chooses to take up its challenge, regardless of ability, gender, background or location. Every section of a DofE programme gives young people an opportunity to be independent, self-sufficient and to be challenged as an individual. A DofE programme is a personal challenge which is tailor-made to suit personal circumstances. This will reflect a young person’s individual starting point, abilities and interests.

Whilst DofE timescales are expressed in months, participants need to give a regular commitment averaging at least an hour a week during this time This hour can be broken down throughout the week, for example in two half-hour sessions if it is better suited to the individual participant. Participants can do their DofE activities during their personal time or during college hours if permitted. The self-development nature of DofE can fit in perfectly with an alternative curriculum or education programme.

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