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One of the most senior roles at the Seaview Hotel kitchen has been given to Kayleigh Pedley – as junior sous chef, Kayleigh will share the day-to-day responsibilities for the running and organisation of the multi-award-winning kitchen.

Kayleigh studied Food Technology at Ryde Academy before going to The Isle of Wight College where, in 2018, she attained a NVQ Diploma in Catering and Front of House Management.

Kayleigh Pedley, Junior sous chef at The Seaview Hotel

The Isle of Wight College was brilliant. I learned a lot about classic cooking techniques and I think it’s important to get the basics right.

There are many supportive tutors there but the restaurant manager, Emmanuel Ferdinand is super. He’s both passionate and patient which is a great combination to have as a tutor.

From there I came to The Seaview Hotel. At first I was a bit apprehensive being the only woman in the kitchen but I just got on with the job, there’s now three women chefs here.

Kayleigh Pedley
Dessert by Kayleigh Pedley : Gingerbread sponge, Gingerbread crème pâtissière, Caramel Cremeux, Roasted hazelnuts, Cinnamon ice-cream & Brown sugar tuile

There is still a big gender disparity in professional kitchens, less than ​20% ​ of chefs working in restaurant kitchens are female.

I have learned that as a chef you have to be prepared to go out of your comfort zone and meet new challenges. It also helps that I am an organised person and a bit of a list maker. If you’re prepared, you reduce the risk of things going wrong.

Kayleigh Pedley

Kayleigh was inspired to cook by her nan, Sandra, ​“As a young girl I was amazed by my nan’s cake making. She would create gorgeous cakes and I always enjoyed cooking with her. My nan has had a massive influence on me.”

Kayleigh has talent, ability and leadership potential. She has really impressed me and I felt that she is ready to take on this new challenge.

Bruce Theobald, Head chef at The Seaview Hotel

It is great to have a woman in a senior role in the kitchen. It would be brilliant if Kayleigh could inspire more women into this profession especially as The Isle of Wight College provides such excellent training.

Diana Chiverton, Hotel Operations Manager at The Seaview Hotel

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