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Jack Chatfield (17) from Ryde who is a first year Level 3 I.T. student at The College has been selected as a Student Digital Champion. 

Student Digital Champions are selected by a panel of judges from the pitch submitted by the students which details their ideas for an application that would improve college life and/or outcomes for students in further education.

Jack will be involved in an outstanding opportunity that will deliver a unique perspective on how technology impacts Further Education. Funded and delivered by CAE Technology Services with the support of the World’s leading ICT manufacturers, and directly addressing recommendations from the FELTAG report, the digital champion program is a new and innovative approach to engaging students.

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I was surprised but excited to be selected to take part in this project as it’s a fantastic opportunity for me.Jack Chatfield, 17

The program will allow access to exceptional resources and an exclusive community, helping Jack to deliver the best outcomes from the use of technology and helping to transform him into a digital leader of the future.


  1. Technology webinars hosted by CAE bringing together Digital Champions from all selected Colleges to learn about latest technology developments, share knowledge and experience
  2. Exclusive visit to a world’s leading ICT manufacturers for talks and demonstrations of what is possible with the latest technology
  3. Potential to work with CAE on projects to deploy and support technology in their college
  4. Support from industry experts and collaboration opportunities with other students
  5. Fully paid (tickets and travel) trip to the Gadget Show (Birmingham)
  6. A reference from CAE supporting employment or university application
  7. Annual award and prize for Digital Champion that has made the biggest impact in their college as judged by panel made up of directors from CAE and Cisco


  1. Access to the knowledge and other recommendations from the Digital Champion forums
  2. Marketing support for involvement in the program on a national and local basis.
  3. Opportunities to add value to the existing curriculum making it more attractive and engaging for students
  4. Improved student outcomes with a blended approach to learning to include a practical emphasis supported by industry
  5. An opportunity for enterprise and joint ventures with CAE
  6. CAE backing for students to be engaged in providing technology support services to your college
  7. Closer and richer relationship with both students and industry – directly addressing FELTAG recommendations

All applicants had to complete a 500-1000 word document or alternatively prepare a short video lasting no longer than 5 minutes, which detailed their ideas for an application that would improve college life and/or outcomes for further education students. The ‘elevator pitch’ should describe what application would do and the benefits it would provide.

A short statement was also produced by Paul McKillop, Jack’s tutor at the College supporting his role as a Student Digital Champion.

I am delighted for Jack. He is an ideal candidate to be a Digital Champion and I am sure he will represent The Isle of Wight College very well.

Paul McKillop, Computing & I.T. tutor

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