Former Apprentice Sailmaker Takes The Helm As Curriculum Manager

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Vykke Gill has joined the Isle of Wight College as the new People and Service Industries Curriculum Manager.

With vast experience in both education and the outdoors adventurous activities industry, Vykke is ready to embrace this new opportunity with an energy and passion for educating that exudes from her when she is talking about her ideas:

‘I see my role as an enabler for students to expand the opportunities they have’. With plans for bushcraft, wild camping and coastering, Vykke is keen to demonstrate transferrable skills in leadership, communication and teamwork.

‘It is about creating resilience and expanding thought processes’ she goes on to say, ‘these skills are vital to all areas of the curriculum. Whether it is the strength and confidence required to be an entrepreneur in the business sector, the ability to lead a team in the public services industryor the importance of communication skills in travel and tourism’.

Vykke has worked in the education industry for many years, being part of the leadership team at both Nescot and Croydon College, where she was section leader for travel, public services, sport, uniformed services and foundation level courses.

I am delighted that Vykke has joined the team, she brings a wealth of teaching experience, skills and enthusiasm which will help our students to achieve their ambitions.

Debbie Lavin CBE, Principal of The Isle of Wight College

Vykke’s career started with an apprenticeship in sailmaking at McWilliams, which steered her on to teach watersports and outdoor activities for both UKSA and the Isle of Wight Youth Water Activity Centre.

I love encouraging learners to explore their own ambitions and I have been able to do this through challenging their own perceptions of self, which are often achieved through outdoor activities.

Vykke Gill, People and Service Industries Curriculum Manager

This is an ethos that Vykke lives her own life by constantly challenging herself. For example, she completed a Degree in the Military and Military History whilst studying an HND in Business. Vykke never allows herself to get bored, in her spare time she enjoys a variety of hobbies which include : sailing, snowboarding, kayaking and volunteering for the Island Pony Club.

In Vykke’s own words, ‘I am pleased to be part of a team that want the learners to not only achieve their qualification, but wants them to be successful in everything they do and to understand the importance of being part of a community’.

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