Jubilee Beacon Needles credit Island Echo
Credit: Island Echo

The team from CECAMM in Whippingham have designed and built steel baskets from scratch - each with an individual design to reflect the location they will be placed in.

As part of the Queen's Jubilee bank holiday celebrations, CECAMM engineering students were asked to design and build a series of Beacons to be lit on the opening day (Thursday 2nd June).

Student Nathan Holder told the County Press: "It started as a bit of paper and drawing out random designs, to see which one worked best. I want them to think, 'wow'!"

Ryan Barton and Chloe Taylor enjoyed the whole process, while Alf Gibbons said: "There have been a lot of steps. The bending of the metal to form the leaves was long and complex but I think it's turned out well."

The Beacons were made with donated materials from DMR Engineering, and wood provided by contractors, specialists and residents.

Lennon Molyneaux co-designed a brazier for Compton Bay, complete with surfboards and dinosaurs, while Chris Arago-Stillwell said: "I made the Tennyson one with the horse on a shield. It was fun to work with my colleagues."